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These spectacular closed course races is the first of its kind to feature affordable fully aerobatic Sport Planes. The idea is to get the public back to the airport like the 30s and 40s when Air Racing was bigger than the Super Bowl. With a course many times more challenging than other Racing Circuits and the Fans so close they can see the color of the pilots eyes. This is what Air Racing should be. US pilots at Venues in US cities with planes built right here in the Good OLE USA.


All of the aircraft are completely equal in every way humanly possible. So it is truly a pilot vs pilot event. Every step from weighing in all the aircraft with pilots to be exactly the same weight to offsetting the first to start in the morning will be the last to run in the after noon to offset even the DA advantages. 138 Mph and up to 2000 feet per minute climb rate, this makes these aircraft truly "SPORT PLANES"


The course is extremely challenging as Red Bull has watered down there course after coming back from a three year leave of absence. SPAR has stepped up to the plate with racing that is not only challenging and exciting to watch but next year they will be hosting an amateur division.


Sport Pylon Air Races or (SPAR) was formed to quench the thirst for more Air Racing here in the United States. The (SPAR) CIRCUIT will be somewhat like other races, only in the regards that it will be a single aircraft being timed through a closed course, but that’s where the similarity ends.
These Lycoming fuel injected electronic ignition 600 lb. 125 horsepower Sport Planes will explode through a series of twists and turns between, around these exciting obstacles we call “Pylons”. These are real LSA Sport Planes; all the planes are set up to be completely stock and completely equal in every respect. SPAR is designed so that no pilot has the advantage of a superior aircraft over another pilot. Much like the “IROC” auto races in the 80’s and 90’s. Every possible step has been taken to make it a truly “PILOT vs. PILOT” race.


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